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Webinars and live in-person events!

Join us in Ft. Lauderdale June1st!


Is an ACO a CIN?

Guidance on ACO and CIN status has changed.  Join us June 9th at

1 pm Eastern for a 20-minute overview.



Impact of V28 Model to HCC Coding & Financial Benchmarks

April 27th Webinar 12 noon Eastern (20 minutes)

  • The V28 is to replace the V24 model

  • Removal of 2,294 diagnosis codes that no longer map to a payment HCC.  

  • Addition of 268 diagnosis codes that did not map to a payment CMS-HCC in V24

  • Changes to HCC coefficient values


eCQM vs. CQM Medicare ACO Quality Reporting

May 3rd Webinar 12 noon Eastern (20 minutes)

  • Medicare ACO Quality Summary 2023-2025 and beyond

  • Data Sources for CQM and eCQM

  • Key Rule Changes

  • Year-Round Care Caps and Performance Scoring Key to Success



HCC Coding Impact: Not Recaptured, V28, Suspect and more (20 minutes)

June 9th Webinar 12 noon Eastern 20 minutes

  • Overview of the V28 HCC Model impact to ACOs

  • Solution to tackle the impact of V28 in 2023

  • Not Recaptured Diagnoses

  • Suspect Diagnoses


EHR Alerts:  Clinical Decision Support

May 9th Webinar 12 noon Eastern 20 minutes

Alerts triggered in the EHR that warn or advise users to perform a particular action.   Alerts to notify the clinicians that a patient is at risk, provide a recommendation, notify of a social determinant and more. 


Ft. Lauderdale

June 1st - ACO Collaboration Event

Live and in-person!

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