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VBC Marketplace

Optimizing Value-Based Care Incentives

No Fees until Incentives Paid

The first step is to understand the value-based care incentives in your current contracts and to ensure evaluation of future contracts prior to execution.  VBC Marketplace simplifies this process by reviewing all current and future incentives and putting a plan of action in place with continuous monitoring.

VBC Marketplace Deliverables

  • Review current contracts and future proposals

  • Renegotiate current contract incentives

  • Present new payer proposals

  • RFP repository

  • Strategies to achieve performance

  • Monthly performance monitoring


Transform delivery of care to achieve VBC incentives



The majority of ACO REACH organizations are not taking advantage of Preferred Provider Discount Agreements resulting in millions lost in monthly revenue. We solve this problem by negotiating the contracts for the ACO REACH.

  • Negotiation of Preferred Provider Discount Agreements for ACO REACH organizations.  This service Includes HCC Coding Impact Analysis and SNF data analysis.

  • Our goal is to negotiate 2 to 10 percent fee schedule discounts with specialists and ancillary providers.  

Medicare ACO

7 out of 8 Medicare ACOs are not reaching the HCC coding caps resulting in millions lost to their financial benchmark. We solve this problem.

  • HCC Coding Impact analysis at provider and patient level.  

  • Updating of historical benchmark to current trends.

  • Identify spend reduction targets and plan of action for each target.


VBC Jump Start

Many Medicare Advantage incentive contracts are not well understood by the providers and have no action plan in place to achieve the incentives or even worse the incentives are not achievable as structured.  This results in the loss of valuable incentive dollars.  We solve this problem.

  • Analysis of Medicare Advantage current value-based care incentive contracts and future proposals.

  • Deliverable is a comprehensive plan of action to optimize VBC incentives.

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